I don’t usually hide my talents. I express by not saying words verbally, but rather physically with action. To hopefully, show the right talents. It can be mostly assume able that every one uses their talent whether it be great or poor at least once.

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One person out of many who changed my reaction is dead. He was famously known for his crimes. This man’s actions weren’t different from a common man’s perspective.

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deceptive looks

I’ve mistaken looking at thing for the way they are several times. i just take a look at an object directly. then again, Looks can be deceiving,I one-time mistaken an obeject for a phone. i found out later that there was candy inside. I felt kind of stupid at the time for not noticing.

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Crash the movie is about different races compromising each other. In the movie, it doesn’t mater what race the character is because the character’s opponent will use stereotypes and racism. In a way, that is what made the movie special from others. Police officers assume with stereotypes to protect themselves and others. Apart from the Police, there was differentiation good actions and bad actions.

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family and friends

throughout the years I had been on this earth. My parents and family were there to help support and raise us. Later I went to a Pre-school and I might’ve made a couple of friends. in case of which I barely remember them now. I felt lonely until my brother kept me company. I then went to grammar school where my nightmares started to occur. I made friends in kindergarten and up, but some of them were bad examples to me. I somehow became interested in the military, probably by one of my friends. almost like any other person I am proud to have people who know successful or prosper. When I came to highschool my first year was quite chaotic. Just to say there are poeple around me almost everyday. though I just recognize who I was with.

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My first post

My goals for writing III this is to have at least a B to an A. I can not confirm that every assignment will be the best I can do. that is why I stated between A or a B. Hopefully this time my other classes goes as planned. I’m believing I pass with grades more than just acceptable.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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